Our Story

About Us 

 A physician realized that his advice for diet and exercise was not enough. He often wondered if there was a convenient, affordable way to help his patients be compliant with their nutritional needs. Then a friend of his started a food delivery service called Paleo to Me. This is when the aha moment occurred. Together, they are working together to expanded Paleo to Me.  They have teamed up with skilled chefs and other healthcare professionals to ensure that the menu not only tastes delightful but is packed with healthy nutrition. 


What Drives Us

Medical science strongly supports the importance of diet and nutrition and their effects on disease processes, both preventatively and therapeutically. We often hear from physicians that it all starts with diet and exercise. Usually, the advice stops here. This is the impetus for our company. We have teamed physicians, professional chefs, nutritionists as well as other medical professionals and support staff that are here for you and capable of creating delicious meals that meet your personal needs, desires or both. We utilize fresh, clean ingredients to prepare delicious meals that meet the nutritional requirements for many disease and medical situations. Our skilled chefs are also willing and able to make meals for all occasions, even those that may be against doctor's orders.